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Our products, process and equipment were developed
from hands-on experience in the stain removal business.
We offer a safe, effective way to easily remove
stains without the need of caustic chemicals,
high-pressure cleaning or dangerous roof walking.

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How does the StainAway Removal Process Work?
Could plants or property be damaged?
How long does an average job take to complete?
What is the best way to generate jobs?
Can every Roof be Cleaned?
Roofs not responding to cleaning contain shingle damage,
or have been exposed to heavy staining over time.
A layer of cleaning solution is sprayed on the roof and allowed
to dwell for 10 minutes, then rinsed away with plain water.
Any remaining stains are treated again, as they tend to be deeper.
Our cleaner are safe and harmless with the simple precaution of wetting-down
plants before, during and after the cleaning process. This to prevent any residue forming on plants or glass due to wind or overspray.
An average stained roof (1,200 sq. ft.) with medium to heavy stains usually
takes under two hours. This also includes set-up and breakdown.
Is roof stain removal easy to learn?
The process and equipment we developed make learning fast and simple!
We also provide convenient, live Phone-In Support whenever needed.
Our Promo-Kit contains proven information and advertising tools
for generating low-cost, high profit stain removal jobs.
Roof Stain Removal Questions
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